Astley Abbotts and Tasley Interchurch Choir

The Astley Abbotts and Tasley Interchurch Choir was born in September 2012 to prepare special music for the churches’ major festivals.  The choir’s first contribution, which was very well received, was for a Christmas service in each church.   Easter and Harvest 2013 saw the choir contribute in services in each church.  The choir does not sing Sunday by Sunday, but at church festivals, and choir practices are held when necessary.  The repertoire is gradually increasing!

The choir is also very proud to have been asked to sing at two weddings in Tasley church, and the singers were congratulated for their contributions which were much appreciated.

The choir consists of about a dozen enthusiastic and hard working people, most of whom have not sung since their schooldays.  They really do sing very well!


Contact Stephen Lomas on 01746 768648 or email


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