The Diocese of Hereford
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Bridgnorth Team Ministry Anglican parish churches belong to the Diocese of Hereford.

The Church of England
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The website for the Church of England.

Your Church Wedding
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Planning your wedding? This website has lots of helpful information!

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The churches of Bridgnorth also have a page on Facebook!

Bridgnorth Food Bank
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The Bridgnorth Team Ministry is pleased to work alongside the other town churches in sponsoring and supporting Bridgnorth Food Bank, which provides emergency food assistance to people in need.

Bridgnorth Town Council
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Website for Bridgnorth Town Council

St John the Evangelist RC Church
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The Roman Catholic church in Bridgnorth

Cartway Church
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The United Reformed and Methodist church in Bridgnorth.

Bridgnorth Baptist Church
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The Baptist Church in Bridgnorth.

The People's Hall Church
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An evangelical community church in Bridgnorth.

Lifting Jesus Higher
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"This site exists to provide information on how God's people in the area surrounding Bridgnorth in Shropshire, England are seeking His will for their lives and proclaiming Him in their communities."

Finding your nearest Church
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Find your local church!

Concerned for the environment?
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"Welcome: get ready to think differently about the world around you and the part you play to make a better future. This website aims to help you understand more about the challenges facing us on the planet and what you can do to help."

Local care for the environment
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"Sustainable Bridgnorth is a community group with members from the wider Bridgnorth area. We aim to encourage low carbon lifestyles, renewable energy schemes, water conservation, organic and local food production, allotments etc."

Shropshire Hope
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Shropshire Hope 2014 is an initiative encouraging churches to undertake mission-orientated activities, both on their own and with others across the county, culminating in an all-day celebration/mission event at Telford International Centre on Saturday 5 July 2014

Inspired Women
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Regular events for Christian women in Bridgnorth.