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Our weekly services can be found on Youtube here posted each Sunday at 10.30am, and on Facebook daily for morning prayer 8.30am Mon - Thursday and 9am Saturday, and 6.30pm Sunday for BCP Evening Prayer here.

Also enjoy Rev Marjorie's weekly thoughts

Christmas Day

Christmas Day Reading

Epithany 2021

Epithany Reading 2021

Christmas 2

Christmas 2 Reading


Epithany Reading

Epithany 2 

Epithany 2 Reading

Epithany 3

Epithany 3 Reading


Candlemass Reading

Candlemass 2

Candlemass 2 Reading

Candlemass 3

Candlemass 3 Reading

Candlemass 4

Candlemass 4 Reading

Second before Lent

Second before Lent Reading

Sunday before Lent

Sunday before Lent Reading

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Reading

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Reading


Lent Reading

Lent 2

Lent 2 Reading