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Sunday 1st September 201912:30Baptisms- Quatford
Minnie Rose Carter-Rix Ada Faith Carter-Rix
18:30Songs of Praise- Tasley
Saturday 7th September 201910:00 - 11:30St Mary's Chamber Choir Rehearsals
19:0040 Days in Japan- St Leonards hall church
Sunday 8th September 201909:00Holy Communion- Quatford
09:30Family service- Astley Abbotts
10:00Holy Communion- Acton Round
10:30Family service- Tasley
10:30Baptism- Oldbury
Charlie Lewis Russell
11:00Holy Communion- Morville
12:30Baptism- Astley Abbotts
of Ethan Gordon Paul Perkins
Wednesday 11th September 201910:00 - 15:00Quiet Garden- 16 East Castle Street
Thursday 12th September 201912:00 - 13:00Funeral of Derek Newsome - Tasley
Friday 13th September 201916:00Le-JoG24-Oldbury village hall
Saturday 14th September 2019 Ride & Stride- Shropshire Historic churches
00:00 - 16:Le-JoG24-Oldbury village hall
10:00 - 11:30St Mary's Chamber Choir Rehearsals
Sunday 15th September 201910:30Holy Communion- Tasley
10:30Family service- St Leonards hall church
11:00Family service- Morville
12:30Harvest Festival- Eardington village hall
Tuesday 17th September 201912:00Funeral of June Evelyn Perry- Tasley
Friday 20th September 201919:30Celine Dion tribute night- Astley Abbotts village hall
Tickets £10.00 per person
19:30Beetle Drive & supper- Quatford
Saturday 21st September 201910:00 - 11:30St Mary's Chamber Choir Rehearsals
10:00 - 16:00Hereford Eco Diocese launch Day
St James's Hereford
Sunday 22nd September 201909:00Morning prayer- Astley Abbotts
10:30Morning prayer- Tasley
10:30Holy Communion- Oldbury
11:00Family service- Morville
16:00Harvest Evensong- Quatford
18:00Healing service- St Marys
18:30Harvest Festival- Aston Eyre
Saturday 28th September 201910:00 - 11:30St Mary's Chamber Choir Rehearsals
Sunday 29th September 201909:00Holy Communion- Astley Abbotts
10:30Harvest Festival- Oldbury
10:30Family service & Harvest- St Leonards hall church
10:30Holy Communion- Tasley
11:00Healing service- Morville
18:00Evening prayer- Monkhopton